Nadina Galle

Bridging science and technology through entrepreneurship is critical in our efforts to restore ecosystems and tackle the global climate crisis. With that in mind, and after winning Maxar & AWS's "GBDX for Sustainability Challenge", Nadina co-founded Green City Watch with three fellow earth scientists. Green City Watch ‘takes nature online’ by drawing actionable insights from satellites, LiDAR, and drones, in near real-time. It is the world’s first geoAI platform for nature in cities.

Green City Watch grabs top prize at the awards ceremony of the Copernicus Masters, named European Space Agency's Copernicus Master from 150+ submissions. Read more →

In her #TEDx talk, Co-Founder & CEO, Nadina, introduces us to the "Internet of Nature", a novel paradigm for sustainable cities which weaves biology with the modern world of technology, in a surprising new way.

Green City Watch lent its urban ecology expertise to produce #UrbanNatureAmsterdam, determine Amsterdam’s top-5 highest-quality parks, and moderate the map’s launch event. Read more:

Green City Watch is an exciting geospatial technology for World Bank sustainable development projects, as discussed at the Open Data for Resilience Initiative Mapathon. FFW to 02:13 for applicable content.

1st place: Maxar Technologies and Amazon Web Services’ GBDX for Sustainability Challenge, out of 70+ submissions (2018)

Chris van Diemen, Nadina Galle and Jim Groot visit DigitalGlobe/Maxar Technologies' headquarters in Denver, Colorado.

Analysis of 'megacity' Jakarta's green infrastructure portfolio, plus Indonesia's 25 most-populated cities, many of which house over one million people each. Read more:

1st place: World Bank Group’s Disruptive Technologies for Development Challenge (2019) 

Chris van Diemen, Nadina Galle and Jim Groot celebrating Nadina's TEDx talk in Brussels.

Green City Watch was a top-8 finalist for the University of Amsterdam Alumni Award (2018).

1st place: Copernicus Masters and Planet “See Change, Change the World” Challenge (2019)

Green City Watch wins Planet's "See Change, Change the World" at the Space Oscars. Read more →

Chris van Diemen (Co-Founder & Data Scientist) at Maxar Technologies ENGAGE.

Named one of Newsweek's Top 100 Smart City Partners (2019)

Charles Fox, programmer for the World Bank's Geospatial Operations Support Team and Special Assistant to the Chief Economist for Sustainable Development, describes how Green City Watch helped map and assess Tbilisi’s parks, starting at 15:28.

Jim Groot (Co-Founder & CTO) at the University of Amsterdam.

1st place: De Bouwklup’s most “circular” idea of the year (2019)

Chris van Diemen (Co-Founder & Data Scientist) at Maxar Technologies ENGAGE.

Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) sensors were used to detect standing water and image urban flooding in select parks in Amsterdam. Read more:

 Green City Watch solves an important operational problem—namely, the lack of evidence-based, comparable intelligence about the state of urban green space, as presented at Maxar Technologies HQ.

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