Nadina Galle

Throughout her practice, Nadina has become fascinated by technoecological dynamics within urbanised landscapes. She is committed to understanding the co-existence of humans and nature to build better, more resilient and circular cities.

Internet of Nature

Many of our cities are going digital. From self-driving cars to smart grids to intelligent traffic signals, these smart cities put data and digital technology to work to drive efficiency and improve the quality of life for citizens. Yet, the natural capital upon which cities rely risks being left behind by the digital revolution. Bringing nature online is the next frontier in ecosystem management, and will change our relationship with the natural world in the urban age.

The “Internet of Nature” (IoN) bridges the gap between greener and smarter cities, and explores the future of urban ecosystem management in an age of rapid urbanisation and digitisation. The creation of an IoN, along with the ecosystem intelligence it provides, is an opportunity to elicit and understand urban ecosystem dynamics, promote self-sufficiency and resilience in ecosystem management, and enhance connections between urban social and ecological systems.

Biomimetric City

In 2017, the Urban Futures Studio at Utrecht University launched the Post-Fossil City Contest, calling on artists, designers, architects, urbanists, authors, photographers, filmmakers and all-around creative thinkers to imagine a city that is no longer reliant on fossil fuels. In total, 250 submissions from people in over 40 countries were received. In collaboration with architect Lorna Gibson and fellow earth scientist Robin Vos, the Biomimetric City was born.

Urban Nature Amsterdam

Most urban maps only display streets and buildings. #UrbanNatureAmsterdam showcases all of the amazing outdoor spaces Amsterdam has to offer: its parks, gardens, allotments, natural playgrounds, canals, lakes, forests and polders. The map is developed by Amsterdam-based Nature Desks, in collaboration with London-based Urban Good, map-maker of the critically-acclaimed London National Park City map.

Nadina lent her urban ecology expertise to help design the map's atlas and moderated the map’s launch event. Buy the #UrbanNatureAmsterdam map today.


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