The Future is Great Keynote

Delivering a keynote speech on the latest innovations in urban ecology to a new audience for me: marketing professionals.

Photo by Ektor Tsolodimos

NextM is the marketing festival where marketers are inspired by a mix of experts, cutting-edge technology, and immersive experiences, showcasing innovations that will shape the future. It aims to spark conversations and inspire people to new ways of thinking, where technology and creativity intertwine seamlessly. This year's theme? "The Future is Great". In an unexpected yet remarkable turn of events, I had the privilege of inspiring these marketers about the "Internet of Nature" and the novel ways technology is merging with nature to enhance urban life. Delightfully, they embraced the concept wholeheartedly! I had a ton of fun conversations after the keynote.



My Role

Ideation, Keynote, Subject Matter Expert


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