Connect technology with nature

Hire me to give inspirational keynotes, facilitate informational workshops, or build technology implementation partnerships to improve urban ecosystem management.

Inspirational Keynotes

There is a lot of talk about what municipalities should do at the intersection of cities, technology, and ecology. And yet, not enough action. I have delivered 100+ engaging keynotes and talks, across Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia. From academic and corporate conferences to tech festivals to the TEDx stage, each appearance dealing with real life stories of successes and failures to inspire action.

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Your PhD as Ecological Engineer is critical for the moment as urban population will double over the next 40 years. How to use technology for people, opportunity to do the right things. I enjoyed your TEDx “Cities and the Internet of Nature”.

Gil Penalosa, Founder & Chair of the Board, 8 80 Cities

Informational Workshops

Urban planners, urban forest practitioners, and municipal experts often need support with green infrastructure management, technology adoption, and smart-city planning. I facilitate a series of workshops to introduce the Internet of Nature framework so teams learn to drive positive change within their cities.

Do you want to discover the technologies suited for your specific landscape architecture or urban forest master plan? Contact me to design a workshop series that addresses your current challenges.


Nadina nourished our Summer School with an inspiring talk which not only covered an innovative subject, but also encouraged students to think of nature, smart planning, and data from a different perspective. Despite the possible constraints of an online keynote, Nadina brilliantly involved each and every of our 40 students in the discussion. Inspired by Nadina’s keynote, students from different professional backgrounds felt highly motivated to develop their business projects at the intersection of urban nature and data.

Mélanie Lebreton, Events Planner, EIT Digital Summer School

Implementation Partnerships

Knowing about the technological possibilities that exist today is not always enough. I join teams to lead or support the implementation of techno-ecological solutions.

Are you looking for someone with an extensive track-record in urban ecology, technology, and science communication? Let's talk about what you need to accelerate change within your organization.


As a true collaborative partner, [Nadina] facilitated a series of discussions to help us internally align on priorities and build hypotheses to test with the prototype. These conversations were critical to ensuring the broad knowledge of our internal stakeholder groups was brought to bear on the prototype.*

Jaclyn Youngblood, The Mayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanics, City of Boston
*Testimonial is an excerpt from our joint blog on the TreeTect project.

In the above webinar, at the Hague’s annual innovation conference (ImpactFest), Jaclyn Youngblood from the City of Boston Mayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanics, Mart Duitemeijer from the Netherlands Innovation Network, and I discussed how using techniques like rapid prototyping, facilitated workshops, and creative thinking exercises helped us co-develop an open-source urban tree-detection algorithm.