2 — Dr Mike Edwards, Sound Matters

May 5, 2021

I speak with Dr Mike Edwards on the importance of soundscapes for (urban) nature conservation.

Nature and technology: friends or enemies? The Internet of Nature Podcast explores how increasingly “smart” cities have embraced technology for mobility, lighting, and waste management, but have left urban ecology behind in the digital revolution. Join Dr. Nadina Galle, ecological engineer and technologist, as she interviews entrepreneurs & innovators on their technologies for building greener and smarter cities. Each episode contains powerful stories behind the innovator, delves into questions that are usually shied away from, and provides inspiration to grow your tech-driven nature-based enterprise. This week Nadina talks to Dr. Mike Edwards from Sound Matters.

This podcast is brought to you by the Connecting Nature Enterprise Platform, an innovation of the Connecting Nature project (Grant Agreement No. 730222) under the European Community’s Framework Program Horizon 2020. Produced by Little Red Flames.