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Green space in cities is rapidly decaying

Urban ecologists and planners are responsible for safeguarding urban green. But they often feel powerless due to the lack of insights they need to reverse this trend. If nothing changes, they will continue to:


Waste time and money on inefficient research methods.


Lack solid arguments to influence policies that protect green areas.


Watch the decay of urban ecosystems accelerate.

It doesn’t have to be this way, technology offers solutions for building greener cities.

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Internet of Nature is the answer for building healthy urban ecosystems

Internet of Nature applies emerging technologies — like hi-res satellite imagery, IoT sensors, machine learning algorithms and many more — to better monitor and reconnect people to urban nature.

Together we can make cities flourish

Hire me to inspire people, inform teams, or lead projects to implement technologies with the goal of improving urban ecosystem management.




Book me to give keynotes, lectures or moderate events on how technology can support the preservation of urban green space and share success (and failure) stories that motivate people to act.

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Invite me to facilitate a series of workshops to support your team in getting a better grasp of your particular challenges and the technology that may be used to tackle them.

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Leverage my unique subject matter expertise to build strategic partnerships for your tech-driven (urban) forestry company or step in to advise on how to solve specific problems your team is stuck on.

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Hi, I’m Nadina

I'm an ecological engineer, technologist, and entrepreneur dedicated to working with urban ecologists and planners to apply today’s technology to improve urban ecosystems for future generations of city dwellers. I believe in science for all and aspire to translate technological and scientific discoveries into public knowledge.

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I work at the forefront of smart urban ecology

From inspirational keynotes to building partnerships, my work focuses on leveraging technology to protect the urban environment.


#Diversitree by MIT Senseable City Lab

Exploring global street tree biodiversity through open data mapping.

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Dutch Green Building Week Keynote

Delivering a keynote on the role of technology in greening the real estate and development sectors.

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TEDx: Cities and the Internet of Nature

Launching my concept to bring nature online on the TEDx stage.

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My work in the words of others

I've had the pleasure of working with passionate individuals and teams dedicated to building the urban ecosystems of the future.

If you know Nadina and her work, or if you ended up on this website, you know she is a passionate ecology lover with a deep understanding of modern technology. We've worked together on several projects. It’s always a joy and huge inspiration to work with Nadina: she is hands-on, enthusiastic, a good listener, ambitious, and always well-prepared. For me personally one quality does stand out: her willingness to share and help out. Looking forward to many years of collaboration!

Ioana Biris, Founder, Nature Desks

Nadina is a natural entrepreneur and inspiring to work with. She is a skilled communicator and a passionate leader for positive change. It was a pleasure to work with her myself, to draw on her professional enthusiasm and watch as others around her started to raise their game to keep up.

— Adam Stones, Communications Strategist, A’DAM Communications

Nadina is an eloquent and sharp speaker on the topic of urban metabolism and circular economy in cities; she brought a fun and conversational dynamic to our panel and I look forward to working with her again in the future.

— Ashima Sukhdev, Government & Cities Programme Lead, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Dr. Nadina Galle crafted an attractive speech in which she spoke eloquently on the role of emerging technologies in urban forestry. Nadina took great care to make the webinar engaging and interactive, despite the Covid-19 restrictions. I highly recommended Nadina to anyone seeking an inspiring keynote speaker.

— Dr. Caroline Law, Assistant Professor, Technological and Higher Education Institute

Still buzzing after an inspiring workshop by Nadina on the transformative power of urban experimentation.

— Dr. Flor Avelino, Assistant Professor, Erasmus University

"Nadina delivered two presentations for Green Cities Europe. The talks were not only interesting, but the preparations were also very smooth. Nadina offers clear deliverables, solid communication, and quick decision-making without compromising quality."

— Sytse Berends, Communications, Green Cities Europe

"Working with Nadina is always a rewarding experience: from planning to delivery, she is a dedicated project partner who goes above and beyond to ensure that students have everything they need to make the most of their education experience. She is a ready and collaborative individual with a wealth of information that stirs students’ interest in the topics at hand."

— Ian Kenny, Program Coordinator, Summer Programs Office, University of Amsterdam
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Science for all

Technological and scientific discoveries worth translating.

Five key challenges urban foresters face

The summer of 2019 can be summarized in one word: heatwaves. Historical records were broken globally, with countries like the Netherlands, Belgium, and the U.K. all experiencing their highest national temperature yet.

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How diverse are our street trees?

We explored the diversity of species, genera and family in street tree inventories within — and across — eight cities internationally. We call it Diversitree.

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Talking Trees — Part 1: Do city trees talk to each other?

In my new series, Talking Trees, I’m translating findings from my PhD dissertation, called the "Internet of Nature", into seedling-sized blogs. In Part 1, we examine if city trees talk to each other.

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