LIVE E1 — On Top of the Most Diverse Green Roof in America with Max Lerner of NYC Parks

November 27, 2022

I speak with Max Lerner on why green roofs remain a rarity — and how the living laboratory atop NYC Parks' main building can help.

Internet of Nature LIVE is a spin-off of the Internet of Nature Podcast, a limited series in which I interview three top IoN innovators in New York City. On this special edition of Internet of Nature LIVE, I am joined live by Max Lerner, director of the Emerging Technologies team at the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation and founder of GROW (Green Revitalization Outreach Workforce) Externships, to discuss how the Emerging Tech team came to be, the most (and least) promising technologies he's seen, and why living laboratories (like the one we're standing on!) are key to accelerating green roof implementation.

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