S3E2 — How Open-Data Helps Enable and Accelerate Global Ecosystem Restoration with Clara Rowe of Restor

January 12, 2022

I speak with Clara Rowe on how emerging technologies are helping to scale global landscape restoration.

This week, I am joined by Clara Rowe, CEO of Restor, to discuss why ecosystem restoration and conservation are crucial for protecting Earth’s biodiversity and achieving climate mitigation goals, how restoration has the potential to draw down about 30 percent of accumulated global carbon emissions, why the biggest impacts are felt at the local scale, and why with the right data, along with full transparency, local restoration projects can now connect to the world's first open-source platform for global restoration action. Restor is founded by ETH Zurich’s Crowther Lab in collaboration with Google and was a finalist for the Royal Foundation’s 2021 Earthshot Prize and is an official partner of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.

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