S4E1 — How the "Steve Jobs of Ecology" is Building the "Google Maps for Nature" with Thomas Crowther of Crowther Lab

May 4, 2022

I speak with Thomas Crowther on the ambition (and technology) behind the world's largest restoration movement.

This week, I am joined by Dr. Thomas Crowther, founder of Restor and the Crowther Lab at ETH Zürich to discuss why his early obsession with snakes sparked a fascination with ecology, why he struggled in school, how one professor changed the trajectory of his career, why publishing the notorious "trillion tree paper" was the "best and worst week" of his life, what he's learned about nuanced yet effective science communication, and how his Restor platform, the "Google Maps for Nature", will create transparency in global landscape restoration, making his life's vision — a reality.

This podcast episode was brought to you by The Nature Conservancy's global coalition — Nature4Climate.

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