S4E8 — Why We Need Technology To Rebalance Urbanization and Nature with Giulio Boccaletti of Water: A Biography

June 22, 2022

I speak with Giulio Boccaletti on mending humanity's relationship with nature by using technology.

This week, I am joined by Giulio Boccaletti, author, scientist, and co-founder of Chloris Geospatial, to discuss his unconventional career path, from physicist to climate scientist to McKinsey partner to The Nature Conservancy’s chief strategy officer to writing his new book, Water: A Biography, we discuss his views on using technology as a force for good, especially for resource management, if we should take up biodiversity in the constitution, the danger of making environmentalism political, and why humanity must fundamentally change its relationship with nature.

This podcast episode was brought to you by The Nature Conservancy's global coalition — Nature4Climate.

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