Climate Campus x PROTO Festival

Delivering a keynote at PROTO, a vibrant festival full of knowledge, inspiration, and practical examples about sustainable futures.

Henrieke van Assen and Ivo Boerdam

We desperately need nature in the city, but nature can suffer under harsh urban conditions. Technology — despite being labeled as the antithesis of nature — can help us *listen* to nature's needs.But how do we bring nature online?

Thanks to Climate Campus, I got the opportunity to share my vision at PROTO Festival, a vibrant festival full of knowledge, inspiration and practical examples about sustainable futures on June 24, 2022 in Zwolle (NL). Inspiring the audience on how marrying a nature-first approach — with a technological assist — can save lives, protect infrastructure, and keep cities running as they should.


Climate Campus

My Role

Ideation, Keynote, Subject Matter Expert


“Nadina’s keynotes are always spot-on. She has a remarkable view of what the world, nature, and people need in urban environments. She’s great for a breathtaking keynote, the dissemination of knowledge and launching products at the nexus of cities, ecology, and tech. With her concepts, Nadina plants nature and technology right into your heart!”

Ivo Boerdam, Coordinator Innovation, Climate Campus

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