Dutch Green Building Week Keynote

Delivering a keynote on the role of technology in greening the real estate and development sectors.

© Romy Pechler

Real estate managers and builders come together at the DGBW, the Dutch Green Building Week. Everything revolves around green, healthy buildings. Think of green energy and good insulation. As a sponsor, Green Cities Europe ensures that living greenery is also sufficiently in the picture and they invited me to deliver a keynote on just that. In the talk, I discuss how the Internet of Nature can be used to support evidence-based greening in the real estate and development sectors. Greenery that actually has a lasting chance to grow, rather than just be planted.


Green Cities Europe

My Role

Ideation, Keynote, Subject Matter Expert


“Nadina delivered two presentations for Green Cities Europe. The talks were not only interesting, but the preparations were also very smooth. Nadina offers clear deliverables, solid communication, and quick decision-making without compromising quality.”

Sytse Berends, Communications, Green Cities Europe

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