EIT Digital Summer School

Creating an interactive keynote through gamification.

The Unleashing the Power of Circular City Data EIT Digital Summer School typically brings together 40 international students to leverage digital transformation through centralised, participative and collaborative interactions between city actors. Since all of EIT’s Digital Summer Schools went online this year, I was tasked with developing an engaging, interactive keynote to set the stage for the incoming students. Through digital drawing exercises, chatbox quizzes, and gamification, I showed the students the entrepreneurial side of the Internet of Nature, to inspire and stimulate them to consider smart urban ecology as a key topic in sustainable urbanization.


EIT Digital Summer School

My Role

Keynote, Workshop Facilitation


“Nadina nourished our Summer School with an inspiring talk which not only covered an innovative subject, but also encouraged students to think of nature, smart planning, and data from a different perspective. Despite the possible constraints of an online keynote, Nadina brilliantly involved each and every of our 40 students in the discussion. Inspired by Nadina's keynote, students from different professional backgrounds felt highly motivated to develop their business projects at the intersection of urban nature and data.”

Mélanie Lebreton, Events Planner, EIT Digital Summer School

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