Green City Watch, an open-source geoAI collective

Building an open-source geoAI collective to map, monitor, and manage urban trees.

Green City Watch is an open-source collective specialized in urban ecological engineering. We leverage remote sensing and machine learning, known as “geoAI” to boost urban tree longevity and build open-source software to create AI-enabled tree inventories; an inventory that is as dynamic as the trees themselves. Since 2018, in partnership with Green City Watch, I've worked with 30+ (mega)cities, from Boston to Amsterdam to Jakarta, to facilitate research trajectories, understand core urban forestry issues, and prototype open-source software to better manage urban forests. Since late 2020, we've transitioned Green City Watch from tech start-up to open-source collective, and I now work to build strategic partnerships at the intersection of urban forestry, remote sensing, and open-source software.


Green City Watch

My Role

Ideation, Concept Development, Partnership Building, Business Development


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