Make Nature Happen Keynote

Inspiring the Royal Institute of Dutch Architects to design and view the world through green-colored glasses.

Just Justa

On June 23, 2022, I presented a keynote about my concept the “Internet of Nature” on BNA's Inspiration night: Make NATURE Happen. Research, theory and practice of nature inclusive building and design were the key topics of the night. Nature inclusive design is to design with, and for nature. It goes further than integrating only a couple of square meters of green on a roof or in a façade. Said designs are meant to create physical spaces that protect its biodiversity and strengthens the eco systems. Green surroundings become an integral part of a building, to help nature flourish again. BNA saw a special role laid out for architects and aimed to inspire its members with this inspiration night at the WUR Wageningen.


Royal Institute of Dutch Architects (BNA)

My Role

Ideation, Keynote, Subject Matter Expert


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