Build it Forward, a new direction for TomTom

Providing expertise to TomTom's new documentary on location tech and the evolving role maps play in daily life.

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The world needs a better map: TomTom is building it. In 2022,  TomTom  announced this big pivot, its next chapter in which the mapmaker is setting itself up to create “the smartest maps on the planet.” Working with partners, customers, and communities around the world, TomTom is building a standard base map, designed to foster innovation. Before the company announced its new strategy in November 2022, it aired a documentary called Build It Forward to employees on October 26, 2022. The documentary examines the importance of location technology, the role maps play in daily life and how they will need to evolve, through interviews with academics, map historians, mapmakers, EV experts, carmakers and tech companies. It’s capped with a window into how TomTom makes its maps. I was one of the subject matter experts TomTom interviewed along with Carlos Moreno, internationally renowned researcher and inventor of the "15-Minute City".



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