TreeMania, a SoilMania Company

Building strategic partnerships for a state-of-the-art soil sensor company.

Photo by TreeMania.

TreeMania is a state-of-the-art soil sensor company that provides data for the cultivation, planting, and care of urban trees and shrubs. TreeMania embodies the "Internet of Nature" by combining cutting-edge IoT soil sensors, long-range (LoRa) and 4G infrastructure with AI to collect soil health data. Compiling this data into dashboards provides the basis for real-time and historical data analytics, using disruptive technologies like Watson, Spark and Hadoop. I work with TreeMania to build strategic partnerships to increase brand traction, expand our customer base, access additional resources, and stimulate revenue growth.


TreeMania, a SoilMania Company

My Role

Ideation, Concept Development, Partnership Building, Business Development


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