TreeTect by Green City Watch

Developing an urban tree-detection algorithm.

In the above webinar, at the Hague’s annual innovation conference (ImpactFest), Jaclyn Youngblood from the City of Boston Mayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanics, Mart Duitemeijer from the Netherlands Innovation Network, and I discussed how using techniques like rapid prototyping, facilitated workshops, and creative thinking exercises helped us co-develop an open-source urban tree-detection algorithm.

With Green City Watch, for the TreeTect project, I was responsible for the ideation, concept development, workshop facilitation, and to represent the customer to the development team as lead product owner. TreeTect is an open-source urban tree-detection algorithm using object detection to build AI-enabled city tree inventories. The prototype uses Very High-Resolution (VHR) satellite imagery to remotely “detect” the locations of trees, as well as a few health indicators of those trees.


City of Boston Mayor’s Office for New Urban Mechanics in collaboration with Green City Watch

My Role

Ideation, Concept Development, Product Development, Workshop Facilitation


“As a true collaborative partner, [Nadina] facilitated a series of discussions to help us internally align on priorities and build hypotheses to test with the prototype. These conversations were critical to ensuring the broad knowledge of our internal stakeholder groups was brought to bear on the prototype.*

Jaclyn Youngblood, Mayor's Office of New Urban Mechanics, City of Boston
*Testimonial is an excerpt from our
joint blog on the TreeTect project.

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