University of Amsterdam Summer School

Founding a three-week intensive course on the Circular City.

While at Metabolic, I founded, co-developed, and acted as Academic Director of a three-week intensive course called The Circular City: Towards a Sustainable Urban Ecosystem. The course is jointly run by UvA and Metabolic, has had two editions since July 2018, and was sold out both years. I was responsible for application review, curriculum design, and translating current research on circular cities to students, researchers, and practitioners. The programme uses Amsterdam as a living laboratory for analysis and action.


University of Amsterdam Summer Programmes Office in collaboration with Metabolic

My Role

Concept Development, Product Development, Teaching


Working with Nadina is always a rewarding experience: from planning to delivery, she is a dedicated project partner who goes above and beyond to ensure that students have everything they need to make the most of their education experience. She is a ready and collaborative individual with a wealth of information that stirs students’ interest in the topics at hand.

Ian Kenny, Programme Coordinator, Summer  Programmes Office, University of Amsterdam

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