University of Amsterdam Winter School

Developing an online course to investigate the Anthropocene.

Together with the University of Amsterdam Summer Programmes Office, we developed an online programme called: The Anthropocene: Ecologies, Tensions, Futures. The programme aims to understand the Anthropocene: a complex term and reality that is the direct outcome of increased human intervention in our environment. As Academic Director, I led a series of interactive seminar sessions and facilitated expert guest lecturers to discuss the topics at hand with our participants. I was responsible for curriculum design and translating current research on the Anthropocene to students, researchers, and practitioners.


University of Amsterdam Summer Programmes Office

My Role

Concept Development, Product Development, Teaching


Working with Nadina is always a rewarding experience: from planning to delivery, she is a dedicated project partner who goes above and beyond to ensure that students have everything they need to make the most of their education experience. She is a ready and collaborative individual with a wealth of information that stirs students’ interest in the topics at hand.

Ian Kenny, Programme Coordinator, Summer  Programmes Office, University of Amsterdam

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