S1E8 — Talking with Trees and the Power of Soil Sensors with Marcel Steegh of SoilMania

June 16, 2021

I speak with Marcel Steegh on the power of data-driven urban forestry using IoT soil sensors.

This week, I am joined by Marcel Steegh, Co-Founder & CTO at SoilMania, to discuss how his (tomato) farm roots, his ever-changing relationship with nature, his career in telecommunications, and how he found his new passion applying emerging IoT, sensor, and big data technologies to better monitor soil, the foundation of healthy crops, healthy animals, healthy people, and a healthy planet.

This podcast is brought to you by the Connecting Nature Enterprise Platform, an innovation of the Connecting Nature project (Grant Agreement No. 730222) under the European Community’s Framework Program Horizon 2020. Produced by Little Red Flames.

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