S1E9 — Harnessing Google Street View Imagery to Map Urban Greenery with Fábio Duarte of MIT Senseable City Lab

June 23, 2021

I speak with Fábio Duarte on using open and opportunistic data to better map and manage urban trees.

This week, I am joined by Fábio Duarte, Principal Research Scientist at the MIT Senseable City Lab, to discuss how we can take advantage of "opportunistic data", why urban ecology is often disregarded, how Google Street View imagery and computer vision led to the development of Treepedia, why urban biodiversity matters, how Diversitree came to be, and his biggest inspirations for a brighter urban future.

This podcast is brought to you by the Connecting Nature Enterprise Platform, an innovation of the Connecting Nature project (Grant Agreement No. 730222) under the European Community’s Framework Program Horizon 2020. Produced by Little Red Flames.

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